Chapter Updates

Check back here often to see what the undergraduates are doing at Cornell and at the house!

Chi Phi Composite

Restoring Composite History

In these pictures, the human assets and the history of our brotherhood are captured. They are the faces of our 18 to 22-year-old men spanning a century and a quarter. Now for the first time, all of our composites are being inventoried and when required ... also restored. And they are all being carefully rehung within the hallowed halls of Craigielea. This program was the joint inspiration of undergraduate Joe Benci and alumnus Brian Murdock who decided that the "Composite History" of our brotherhood's lineage was worth preserving. Craigielea and Chi Phi Cornell exist today because of this lineage. People preserve this institution. Thanks to Joe and Brian for preserving a commemoration of our composite strength. Revisit yesterday ... you were part of it ... stay involved and be part of tomorrow ... here!

New Chi Phi Traditions

Another new tradition has begun at Craigielea with the inauguration of the Alumni Speaker Series in the 2011-2012 school year. These events contain a lively exchange of ideas between the alumni speaker and the undergraduates in attendance. Craigielea hosts different speakers, who discuss a wide variety of topics, including decisions and consequences for life and career, common sense and alcohol, initiation values ... and the "Time of Your Life," and Building Blocks for the Future. If you would like to participate as an alumni speaker, please contact Brian Murdock at

Athletic Update

Athletic involvement has in recent decades been a strong foundation upon which Chi Phi has thrived, and has drawn from during Rush Week every January. We maintain a presence on club rugby, club lacrosse, sprint football, varsity golf, club baseball, varsity baseball, club tennis, and varsity track.

Academic Update

Xi is also diverse academically, and maintains grades above the fraternity average. More than 35 brothers are in the various engineering and/or science majors, 25 AEM, Economics, ILR, and Hotel Administration, and a few are in interdisciplinary programs or other majors.

Rush Update

We have welcomed 20 new men into our brotherhood this spring and I've been very impressed with their enthusiasm for Chi Phi from the get-go. John Furman '16 was recently elected as the first sophomore Rush chair in recent memory.

Social Update

We maintain strong ties with a number of sororities, including Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Epsilon Phi, and Tri Delta, and a number of traditions such as the Chi Phi Wrestling Association, wine tours, Sunday dinners, and the House Hauss competition live on. We held the first (to the best of my knowledge) Slope Day party in the parking lot this year, and I know that after a year of patience and three summers of structural repairs, the brothers are looking forward to the return of Cornell-sanctioned events at Craigielea this fall.

Philanthropy Update

We've been incredibly active this year with respect to our philanthropy, our Greek initiatives, and our relations with the university. We have a brother on Cornell's Greek Judicial Board, got in on the ground floor of the Greek "Health and Wellness Chair" initiative (see the Daily Sun), and sponsored the "Greek Run" with the Greek Honor Society, Order of Omega, to raise $1,200 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Philanthropy Chairs Joe Judge '14, Chuck Motzer '14, and Matt Stromecki '15 knocked it out of the park raising $1,000 for the Shephard Center for Spinal Rehabilitation in our eighth annual benefit concert at The Nines. Brother Motzer took the reins on the second-annual Battle of Barton, coordinating with campus ROTC units to organize an event that raised another $2,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project (up from $600 in the inaugural event last year). After Ben Justus '08 visited the chapter, a number of actives began recurring donations to EGBOK, a mission he founded years ago. If you have a minute, check out EGBOK; it truly is a Chi Phi organization, and I know Ben would personally appreciate any support to it.